Krav Maga Door Control Course

Protect yourself and your fellow door staff. Learn self defense techniques from one of the world's top security experts. You will learn how to defend armed and unarmed attacks from one or multiple attackers. Keep yourself safe with the latest, proven defence and control methods.

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This is a course designed for door control staff. It covers the following areas:

  • Securing access
  • The role of the door security officer
  • The law on using physical force
  • Your legal rights to defend yourself
  • Dealing with verbal abuse
  • Dealing with verbal threats of violence
  • De-escalation methods – talking them down
  • Dealing with physical unarmed attacks:
    • Self defence techniques using minimal force (defend grabs, chokes, strikes)
    • Assault by multiple attackers
  • Armed assaults:
    • Knife defences: cavalier (ice-pick) / slashes / stabs / oriental style
    • Clubs / baseball bats / sticks
    • Handguns: semi-automatic / revolvers
    • Automatic weapons
    • Grenades
  • Restraint techniques
  • Communicating with your colleagues during an incident
  • Reporting and description
  • Dealing with the Police
  • Suspicious people / vehicles / objects
Golan Levy

    Golan Levy is an Israeli Krav Maga instructor based in London and is one of the top instructors in Europe. He has taught the Czech Police and other security forces worldwide. He is responsible for security at high profile locations in the UK. He works as an international bodyguard for high profile celebrities, high net worth individuals, and politicians. He regularly has to contend with physical attacks and can show you what really works against a determined, aggressive attacker.

    His qualifications are extensive and include the following:

    • Certified IQ Level 3 in Close Protection
    • Certified Krav-Maga Instructor G-3
    • Former Israeli Police Detective
    • IDF fighter level 7 (Commander)
    • Wingate qualified PE instructor

    There are limited places available, so please book now to ensure your place. The course is from Monday 10th to Thursday 13th December 2018 at Manchester Maccabi, Bury Old Road, Prestwich, Manchester  M25 0EG . The sessions run from 10.30am to 3.30pm. You can reserve your place using the below form. We will contact you following payment to confirm further details.You can book the course below or with the lunch offer with a soup and bagel option. Cold drinks and tea & coffee. £5.50 per delegate per day, total £22 for the 4 day course.

    Book using PayPal below, or call Maccabi reception to pay by card on 0161 492 0040.

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