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Barbara Feddy - Administrator
Barbara's duties include processing applications for membership and facility bookings, managing the membership database, staffing reception and dealing with day to day issues. To contact Barbara, call (0161) 492.0040.

Life President - Darryl Lee
Vice Chair - Anthony Dennison
Secretary - Adrian Kay
Treasurer - Bernard Yaffe
Ex-Officio - David Landes
Trustees Barry Davidson, Suzy Gellman and Darryl Lee
Marketing & Events Manager - Stephanie Wilks
Section Chairs
Krav Maga - Andrew Levy
Football - David Nadler
Netball - Suzy Gellman
Rounders - Stephanie Wilks
Cricket - Anthony Gellman
Table Tennis - Aubrey Huller
David Bernstein. Non-Executive Board Member
Wembley National Stadium Limited

Sir Howard Bernstein Kt DL. Chief Executive of Manchester City Council

Ivan Lewis MP. Member of Parliament - Bury Sth.
Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Skills andVocational Education

Club History 
Maccabi was founded at the turn of the century in Central and Eastern Europe. Following rising anti-semitism, Jews were excluded from local sports and social clubs. So they decided to form their own.

The clubs concentrated on developing their members' physical fitness, primarily for reasons of self-defence.

Maccabi now has over 400,000 members in 55 countries throughout the world. In the UK alone there are 10,000 members.

Early Maccabi clubs were based around sports but soon became social, cultural and sporting centres for the community. This continues today with many sports including badminton, basketball, bridge, cricket, football, golf, gymnastics, hockey, karate, lawn bowls, netball, rugby, softball, squash, swimming, table-tennis, tennis, tenpin bowling, track & field, triathlon, volleyball and water polo. There are also 25 youth clubs spread throughout the country, with many hundreds of young members regularly attending for social, educational and sporting events.

The clubs aim to teach members about being Jewish and to produce the next generation of Maccabi, and community, leaders. It isn't a rigid, textbook kind of education. Its informal, modern and very upbeat. It includes our government-approved leadership training schemes, our Israel tours and Programmes and the Maccabi Street Project.

Maccabi clubs have also become places for young culture: for music, arts and drama, including Le'an, Maccabi's own theatre company. 

 Who were the Maccabees?

History and overview


Manchester Maccabi Cultural & Sports Club 
Brooklands, Bury Old Rd., Prestwich M25 0EG.
Manchester Maccabi is a registered British charity, no. 521228..  Affiliated to Maccabi GB 










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