Futsal is essentially a cross between eleven a side football and five a side football, but with very distinct rules.
The Manchester FA run regular leagues, lasting from 7 to 11 weeks depending on the number of teams, and to date the club have finished runners up to Salford Victoria twice, who went on to represent Manchester in the National Futsal competition held annually in Sheffield.
The section is run by Keith Herman, Richard Buxton and Jonny Cainer Between them they have played at a number of Maccabiahs and European Games, and it is their aim, and their belief, that with the quality of players in the football section, the futsal section can win the local league and subsequently play in the national competition. It is also their aim to introduce the game to as many of the clubs members and provide a continuing stream of quality futsal players to the national teams, at both senior and junior levels.


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