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Welcome to the Krav Maga members' page, intended for anyone going to our weekly classes at Manchester Maccabi.
What to wear?
For training please wear track pants and a T shirt. We do not train barefoot, so please bring clean trainers, suitable for indoor use.
Contact Details
If you have not already given your mobile number to us for urgent messages about changes to sessions, etc. then can you please give us a ring on 0161 492 0040. Could you please also advise the name and contact number for an emergency contact in case you are taken ill while at the club? 
Equipment Required for Sessions  

Please ensure that you have the following safety equipment for all sessions:

  • Groin Guard 
  • Mitts (open finger type) 
  • Shin Protectors 
  • Mouthguards
  • Optionally you may want to order forearm protectors.
We carry most of this equipment in stock at the club in a variety of sizes but if you want to ensure availability please use the form to the right and we will order any items not in stock.
Alternatively we recommend Blitzsport.

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