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One to one & Family Krav Maga Sessions


familyIf you would like individual training to focus entirely on your personal requirements then we can train you in any aspect of Krav Maga. We regularly run individual sessions at our facility or if you prefer at a facility local to you (in which case you will need to make arrangements with the venue). We also run sessions at family homes where we can train you individually or as a family group. Please note that our Instructors are based in the Greater Manchester area.
We bring along all the necessary protective equipment along with practise weapons such as rubber knives, foam baseball bats and more so that your team can learn in safety how to defend yourself against armed attacks. We teach all ages from 5+. All instructors are experienced and insured. 
If you would like more information then please complete the below form and we will contact you. Please mention in the subject line whether you are interested in family or individual one-to-one training.


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