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Krav Maga Instructor Course

Head of the Israeli Krav Maga Organisation (IKMO), Dori Nemetsky (4th Dan, Expert level 4) will be running a Krav Maga Instructors' course at Manchester Maccabi. The head of IKMO UK, Golan Levy will be joining him to run the course. The course will contain 25 hours a week training, taught in 2 parts, for a total of 50 hours training. Part one is in June 2019. Part two is in December 2019.

An exciting opportunity

The cost is £1,500 per person. The diploma is for the Wingate Institute Orange Belt (P-5 level) and a full civilian Krav Maga instructor qualification. Your diploma will qualify you as an international Krav Maga instructor, recognised worldwide under the Wingate Institute and Maccabi Krav Maga. You will be entitled to use the IKMO logo for promotion of your future classes.

Dori Nemetsky

This is an exciting opportunity, to become a Krav Maga instructor and attain a P5 grade in a short amount of time.

You can download Dori Nemetsky’s complete profile here as well as information on the IKMO.

Golan Levy’s profile is at this link

To attend the seminar you need to have one year's regular attendance at a recognised Krav Maga club, or at a recognised mainstream martial-arts club.

If you have any questions please use the contact form.

The venue for all stages is Manchester Maccabi, Bury New Road, Manchester M25 0EG.

To register your interest please complete the Enquiry Form at the foot of the main Krav Maga page.

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