Ladies only Krav Maga Course

This is a ladies only course focussing on dealing with larger, more powerful attackers.

Techniques will include kidnapping, car-jacking and rape defences. You will learn how to defend yourself against common attacks and how to defuse a potentially violent situation. Find out how to disable a larger, more powerful attacker using the minimum necessary force.

Our 4 day Defuse & Defend course taught by the Head of the Israeli Krav Maga Organisation (IKMO), Dori Nemetsky (4th Dan, Expert level 4) and the head of IKMO UK, Golan Levy. The course will contain a total of 10 hours training, from 20-23 November 2017, from 10.00 -12.30pm each day.

The cost is £200 per person. You will be awarded a Krav Maga Defuse & Defend certificate by the worldwide head of the Israeli Krav Maga Organisation.

You can download Dori Nemetsky’s complete profile here as well as information on the IKMO.

Golan Levy’s profile is at this link:

The course is open to all. You do not need any previous Krav Maga or martial-arts experience.

The venue is Manchester Maccabi, Bury New Road, Manchester M25 0EG.

See the BBC feature on our Ladies class here:

If you would like more information or to register for the seminar please complete the below form.

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