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Boost your knowledge about the community, Manchester, and a whole variety of subjects and activities with the Sam Herwald JNF Wednesday Club.

The club holds regular events for senior adults. We meet weekly at Maccabi, Wednesdays 2-4pm.

Our scope is broad

There's a varied and interesting programme. Subjects covered recently included remarkable life stories, an insight into the Jewish Talking Newspaper,, Pets as Therapy, the Langdon Community and Independent Living, deep sea diving, dealing with the modern world (in our own way), ukele playing.


If you are interesting in joining the club, please contact Shirley on 0161 773 4792 . If you have an idea for speakers please contact Enid on 0161 766 1845

There are no joining fees, just £3 payable on the day

Current and future dates are listed on our calendar   and in our latest:Programme for May/June 2019


Another way of keeping up with topics affecting the community is 'Jewish Hour', your regular radio show for the Jewish Community (every Monday 7pm on Radio Salford - give us a listen, or 'Listen again' if you missed last time)



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