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Maccabi Executive Grows

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

Manchester Maccabi has boosted their executive numbers, with the addition of four new members to the team - Ben Brownson, Aaron Levin, Sophie Behar and Carl Peters.

The Executive also has long-serving members Suzy Gellman and Bernie Yaffe, completing the line-up.

On their appointment Darryl Lee MBE, Chair of the club said, “The addition of these new Executive members really is a boost for the future of the club.

Since I became club Chair in December 2018, it has been the aim of the longer established Executive members to bring in a fresher group to take the club forward.

These additions mean we now have young people, all with different skill sets and views, who are inspirational to work with.

We look forward to working together, to situate Maccabi Mamlock House (as the club will be known once UJIA moves in), to be the communal hub it should be.”

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