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BistroYour perfect stop off for lunch or just a quick snack RiMo @Maccabi is the ideal place. Good food, great service and excellent prices await. We are "milky" under the supervision of the Manchester Beth Din.

RiMo @Maccabi is on the first floor of Manchester Maccabi which is beautifully designed and whether you choose to sit at a table or relax in one of our comfortable sofas you can be assured of the perfect air conditioned environment. 

Bring your laptop and take advantage of our wifi while you snack.


Our normal opening times are:

Mondays 12.00-9.00pm    
Tuesdays 12.00-9.00pm    
Wednesdays 12.00-9.00pm    
Thursdays 12.00-9.00pm    
Increased openings, including evenings coming soon! 

New menu to be launched, soon!

RiMo @Maccabi, a fresh, tasty, ethical,  milky supervised kosher cafe in the heart of the community serving to all.

RiMo @Maccabi is under the Supervision of the Manchester Beth Din.


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Instagram: rimo_at_maccabi

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