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Left to right: Steph Wilks, Bernie Yaffe, Michael Sacks, Sir Howard Bernstein,
Darryl Lee, Adam Jackson, Susy Gellman, Vikki Goldstein, Kathryn Levy



Sir Howard Bernstein- Director
Darryl Lee- Chair, Director
Michael Sacks- Vice Chair
Kathryn Levy-Secretary
Bernard Yaffe-Treasurer, Director
Suzy Gellman-Events, Director
Vikki Goldstein-Welfare
Adam Jackson-Social Media & PR




Sir Howard Bernstein, Director


Darryl Lee, Chair, Director


Section Heads:
Football-Adrian Kay/Anthony Gellman
Rounders-Suzanne Horford
Netball-Kathryn Levy
Table Tennis-Aubrey Huller
Krav Maga-Andrew Levy





Steph Wilks, Manager. 
photo by Rob Mandel

Barbara Feddy, Adminstrator with Reception staff. Photo by Rob Mandel

Steph Wilks-Centre Manager:  [email protected]
Barbara Feddy-Administrator:  [email protected]


Barbara Feddy - Administrator
Barbara's duties include processing applications for membership and facility bookings, managing the membership database, staffing reception and dealing with day to day issues. To contact Barbara, call (0161) 492.0040.

Club History 
The Maccabi movement was founded in Eastern and Central Europe at the turn of the 20th Century. Following rising antisemitism, Jews were excluded from local sports and social clubs, so they began to form their own. Maccabi now has over 400.000 members in 55 countries throughout the world.
There has been a Maccabi presence in Manchester since the 1920’s. Although providing facilities for sporting endeavours, the club soon became a social centre for the community. With a lively theatrical section and the provision of Summer camps the organisation became a vital part of the Jewish cultural scene.
The clubhouse at Brooklands was built in 2006 to serve the needs of the Jewish and wider community on a sporting, social and cultural level.
The centre is now firmly established as an important sporting outlet for youth and adults, with facilities including floodlit Astroturf pitches, a multi-purpose sports hall and a Beth Din supervised café. The disabled access to all floors makes Maccabi an ideal venue for meetings, conferences and special celebrations. The facilities are open to all regardless of ethnicity, ability or age.
Maccabi is particularly proud of its partnerships with other charities, Langdon College, The FED, UJIA, The Friendship Circle to name just a few.  For Manchester Maccabi not just about sporting excellence, it’s about building and strengthening our community spirit.
Manchester Maccabi Cultural & Sports Club 
Brooklands, Bury Old Rd., Prestwich M25 0EG.
Manchester Maccabi is a registered British charity, no. 521228..  Affiliated to Maccabi GB
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