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Weekly Walking Football sessions are at Manchester Maccabi on Tuesdays.

The first session is a free taster, and we will be playing on our all-weather pitches. Open to all interested - women and men.


For more photos of the action see the Walking Football Gallery

What is walking football?

A slower version of the beautiful game. You're never too old to get involved and no matter what your age, we're giving you the chance to play football! 

In partnership with FA Mars Just Play, Age UK, Community Leisure Trusts and our MCFA member clubs, we are delighted to announce the development of new sessions across the whole of Greater Manchester.

Walking football is targeted at over 50s specifically, but it doesn't matter if you are younger than this, everyone can attend the sessions. Walking football is exactly the same as mainstream football however, there are a handful of differences:


 Here's a look at the rules:

  • No running allowed - anyone found running will concede a free-kick. Running is defined as neither foot being planted. In order for someone to be 'walking' at least one foot must be planted at all times.
  • Non-contact - you cannot tackle another player, but you can intercept and block.

Walking Football can be played indoors or outdoors, and the numbers per team at each session, is dependent on the number of participants!  Sessions generally last one hour, with short breaks throughout, and then all participants are encouraged to socialise afterwards.

All of our sessions are encouraged to include the social element, and for this reason are placed at centres which have either a bar or cafe area. If you have concerns about your medical health, please ensure you contact your doctor and seek advice, prior to participating.

For more information please contact Mike by phone on 07956 962615 or email [email protected]






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